In the past years talks about trends whether in fashion, interior design, photography, food or any other field have increased immensely. There are workshops, guidelines, books and social media to spot and understand the new trends. Practically every field of our daily life is trend driven. At the same time though we, the human race, have never ever before strove so much for individualism and originality. This planet is so overpopulated that obviously we have this urge to stand out somehow: through our talents, our doings, our looks…



We all have our sources of information: magazines, internet, blogs, social media, TV. They all provide valuable information about the new fashion trends. Personally I mostly use the magazines (I keep most of them and look back at the old ones a lot) and social media as my source of information. But I admit that I often look at what actors wear in the movies and get a lot of ideas from there. All this information we are gathering is merely a guideline, a proposal, an idea which we have to translate and shape it to our own style. Trends are not supposed to be baldly followed just because it is sold to us as the latest fashion. We are offered a choice and are supposed to pick those pieces that fit in to our own personal style or that underline it.  ffe_1816


Fashionwise a lot of people try to follow trends. It shows sense of taste, being up to date with the newest fashion novelties, modern thinking and living and that we understand something about what is going on in the fashion world. But most people don’t want to be mainstream either. Generally people want to be recognised as individuals, admired as originals. The shops or shall I say the main chains (because there are hardly any boutiques left in our city centres) “push” us to go with mainstream fashion by offering pretty much the same designs, colours and same qualities of “short term survival”. This is very important for the industry. It means that next year they can bring out a new trend that goes hand in hand with a new collection of “short life” products that the clients will buy in order to go with the trend and be fashionable and to replace the item of last year because its poor quality makes it fall apart. Salvation seems to me comes these days from the online shops of small manufacturers and designers. They bring original products with sustainable and what is more important long lasting qualities and designs. Pieces that always make us look special, different and support our individual and personal style.



How do I get this “personal style”?  Very easy! You have been given a data base: your body. It has its perfection and imperfections, its colours and shapes. This data base nobody else has and this is what makes you special. Do a realistic scan of your data base and spot the body parts that you love to shine out. Once you are clear about your perfect body parts and the ones you want to show off with, you also know which type of clothes you should wear. Also the colour of your hair, skin and eyes determine the colours that favour you. Here are is a mini guide line that I follow myself:

  • Turquoise makes me look sick. My skin turns greyish when I wear a turquoise top and therefore you will never ever find anything turquoise in my cupboard.
  • Boat neck is also one kind of shape you will never see me wear. It makes my shoulders look very heavy and large. For myself I prefer V-neck, Chinese collar or round and tight around the neck.
  • Pick pieces that you consider “evergreens”. I love it when friends or family say: oh, this is such a typical Uschi-shoe! As a kid I had a pair of red shiny loafers or college shoes. Ever since I have had a pair. Whether they are in fashion or not, I would wear them because I sooo love the shape and the comfortable wear. They go both really well with trousers and skirts (short ones only!!)… simply one of the best shoe for me.
  • I love midi length for skirts but I have to admit that I can only wear them with high heels. Since I am so much more comfortable on flats and my legs are not long enough to wear midi length skirts with flats I don’t buy them. So I only have mini skirts.
  • Trousers and skirts with pleads put on 3-4kg on my hips because I have a small waist but wider hips. So, no pleads for me. Plain trousers and A-shaped skirts go into my shopping basket.

ffe_1746 ffe_1783

I have only enlisted a few criterias of my personal style guide. The list is very much longer but I guess that with these few examples you get my message. The pictures I have picked for this blog post show you a bit of my closet and the mix I use to do between old pieces and new ones. Sustainable fashion and a clear personal style also means saving money. A strongly defined personal fashion style usually makes you choose carefully your clothes. In consequence you keep them longer and are more prone to mix them with new pieces. When of good quality they can last for many many years and add this typical original and personal look you want to create.

ffe_1744 ffe_1743

Oh and one more thing: don’t take fashion too seriously. There are more important things in life and fashion is just a luxurious addition. Not really of big necessity but very enjoyable 😉, right?


Enjoy life and stay unique!

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